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[Release] .Hack/4koma
September 8, 2008

3. .Hack/4koma 
Tác giả : SUMIMARU Koichi 

Thể loại : comedy, fantasy
Tình trạng : đã kết thúc (1 tập)
Nhóm dịch (tiếng Anh) : The Waffle House


Link :

– Chương 1 : Xem online


News :: Temporarily suspended & Banner
September 8, 2008

(Sorry for my bad English. And please don’t ask why I use English this time T T)

Now I am in a bad mood, so I decide to stop all my projects in a, well, so-called short time (_ _”) So sorry, everyone. But, I will update the link for you to view online. More convenient, right :3 ? By the way, my new project, “.Hack/4koma”, will be annouced soon :”)

And, thank rin_uzuki so much for reminding me to make a banner :”) And, here it is, my link banner :”) The image is taken from my drawing ^^”


HTML code : <a href= target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

Nice day, everyone :”)